Research & Development Centre LAW FOUNDATION

Mission of the RDC

Transformative change within the society through pioneering research and interventions, all aimed it fostering the more equitable, accountable and just society for all.

Vision of the RDC

Enhance the fairness, justice, and adaptability within the society, driven by evidence-based practices and sustained by ongoing research and interventions.

Objective of RDC

  • To conduct rigorus, multidicsiplinary research that informs evidence-based research and practices on much issues within society.
  • To share research findings through reports, publications and public engagement, promoting a wider understanding of criminal justice and community development issues.
  • To empower communities affected through research, interventions, support and engagement in the reform and prevention process.
  • To collaborate with stakeholders, including fovernment agencies, legal experts,non profits, and communities, to liverage collective knowledge and resources for meaningful change.
  • To influence policymakers and lawmakers through data-driven insights, contributing to the development of more equitable and just criminal justice policies.
  • To enhance the capacity the of professionals and organizations working within the criminal justice feild through training, workshops, and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

The Leadership

Praveen Kumar is the Director & Founder, Shubhendu Shekhar is the Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, and Md Quadir Ali serves as the Head of the RDC.

The Financial support by RDC

Funding will be sought on behalf of Collaborative Research with the LAW FOUNDATION from their network and affiliated funders that aligns the Research project’s aim and objectives, with RDC providing support in the pursuit of these resources. A modest percentage (approximately 5-8%) of the obtained funding will be allocated to cover administrative expenses and to support RDC in accordance with government policies.

Future Plans

We are targeting expanding research domains, forging strategic collaborations, and enhancing policy advocacy efforts, with a strong emphasis on integration, community engagement, and global outreach for impactful and equitable reforms within society

RDC's Core Member

Mr. Praveen Kumar

Director & Founder

Praveen Kumar oversees fundraising, project delivery, and strategy for the Organization. His stewardship ensures the seamless execution of projects, maintains a high standard of quality, and optimizes resource allocation, reinforcing the RDC's commitment to cutting-edge research and its implications

Shubhendu Shekhar


Shubhendu Shekhar supervises the research, project operation, team members, and communication. His leadership ensures the efficient execution of research projects, transparent communication, and strategic collaborations, ultimately driving the RDC's mission of advancing innovation and maintaining high-quality research standards.

Md Quadir Ali

Head, RDC

Md Quadir Ali orchestrates the comprehensive operations of the RDC, including the design & execution of research projects, adherence to rigorous methodologies, & the pursuit of funding opportunities. He is instrumental in shaping the structure & content of reports and papers, ensuring the highest standards of academic and research excellence

RDC's Map