Prison Visit

Our socio-legal intervention begins from jail as our beneficiaries are incarcerated. We visit various jails of Patna, Arrah, and Chhapra districts where we interact with incarcerated prisoner, identify marginalized, poor, and abandoned prisoners who are in need of our complementary socio-legal assistance. We split our team into two parts, a team of advocates with a criminal justice social worker visit jail on specific days like Saturday and Sunday, and the other team consists of social workers visit jail on Tuesday and Wednesday. We primarily aim to achieve our objectives of jail visit such as - Interaction with prisoners who needs our complementary socio-legal support, identifying marginalized, poor, and abandoned prisoners who are incapable to efforts the cost of legal services, To conduct legal, mental health and drug addiction awareness program, To provide individual counselling to prisoners who suffers from mental health issues, To take receive Vakalatnama, Bail Bond and other legal documents of prisoners.

Jail PLVs: Jail para legal volunteers are the convicted prisoners who are serving their punishment in prisons. They are neither bound by visiting hours nor restricted from visiting other wards or speaking to other inmates. They can move freely between prison wards and thus have better accessibility to identify those who need socio-legal assistance. These convicted prisoners can then work with them and orchestrate their legal documents.

These JPLVs are trained by Law foundation in the basics of legal process and documentation, as well as in identifying inmates who need socio-legal assistance. They are trained in filling vakalatnana, surety bail bonds, preparing affidavits and writing personal recognizance (PR) bail bond applications. They often bridge the communication gap between DLSA and the concerned inmate.

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